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MediRecords offers several services to get you up and running and using Medirecords faster and more efficiently once you settle in.


Each practice is unique and the resources and skills of you and your staff can vary, and of course if you are opening up a new practice then it’s all new and rather intimidating.


MediRecords has a selection of services that you can choose depending on your requirements. If you prefer a turn-key solution then we can take care of that too.


Remote Training

Remote training via webinar is charged at $100 ph and includes an unlimited number of attendees and a recorded copy for future staff training and refresher sessions.

On-Site Training

Have a MediRecords expert on-site to train you and your staff.


Travel expenses charged in addition to daily rate. Daily rate is for one representative. Additional representatives can be requested at an additional cost.

Fee: $1,000 per day

Practice Training Services: MediRecords
Data Migration Services: MediRecords

Data Migration

Bring data from your legacy practice management system to the cloud, and ensure continuity of service and security of your historical records.


For more information regarding our data migration process, including the systems we currently migrate from call 1300 103 903.

Fee: $1,500 per migration/practice

Medicare Setup & Fees

Take the hassle out of setting up Medicare billing and related fee schedules and let the MediRecords team get you up and “billing” before you know it.


We can help with the necessary Medicare application forms for your practice and providers including following up with Medicare on your behalf.


We can also help with the installation and configuration of Medicare certificates and up to 4 fee schedules.

Fee: $250

MediRecords: Medicare Services
MediRecords Services

Medicare Eclipse & Fees

In hospital Medicare claiming (Eclipse) for specialists is complex and whilst we make it as user-friendly as possible to get you up and running,  it is best that we help you with the setup and configuration.


This will ensure error-free claiming and a maximisation of your fee income.

Fee: $1,500

Secure Messaging

Your practice needs to talk to other health service providers via secure messaging services.

We can connect you to up to 5 of your preferred secure messaging vendors (e.g. Healthlink):

* Oversight of all prerequisite application & processing forms

* Fast-track the completion process

* Confirmation of connected messaging services

* Training on how to set up additional providers

Fee: $600

MediRecords Services
MediRecords Services

eHealth, eRx & My Health Record

We can help get you up and running as an eHealth practice and help you become compliant to receive ePIP incentives:

* Assistance with necessary application forms

* Configuration health identifiers for practice and providers

* Setup and configuration of MHR and eRx

* Training for set up and management of new and existing providers

Fee: $650

Letter Templates

Let the MediRecords team create 5 of your most important letter templates that you use to correspond with other health professionals and service providers.


Examples might include referral letters, medical certificates, informed financial consents or local radiology and pathology provider forms. Letter templates can be provided to you in PDF and/or HTML format, it’s up to you.

5 Templates: $250

10 Templates: $400

MediRecords Services
MediRecords Services

Clinical Templates

Does your practice require a data entry form to capture specific information that is important to practice? We can help. MediRecords has been designed to allow individual practices to create their own forms which can be accessed as part of the clinical workflow with results saved in today’s notes:


Low Complexity


Low complexity means a set of upt to 15 simple text, numeric, date and yes/no questions with no interaction with the patient clinical record & no attached report. Results get added to the clinical consultation notes.


Medium Complexity


Similar to the low complexity option forms plus an additional five questions with more complex formula and/or algorithms to calculate a clinical score.


High Complexity


Similar to the medium complexity forms plus but also includes the ability to interact with the underlying patient clinical record. An example might be a medication review or pulling information from the patient observations.


If you would like to create a custom report relating to a specific clinical template then there is an additional charge of $3,000.


Please note: If you have a clinical template in mind that is commonly used in GP, specialist or allied health practices, then you may be interested in our co-creation programme. Details of our co-creation programme can be found here.

High Complexity: $5,000

Low Complexity: $2,500

Medium Complexity: $3,000

Service Bundles

Purchasing multiple service blocks during your free trial gives you discounted pricing on those services.  


Connect with us using the form below and we will be in touch within two business days with a customised quote.

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