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Instant Record Sharing

Share instantly with clinics, a travel buddy or your mum!

Finally, you have complete control of your health records. You

choose how you share your records and how much you share.


Choose from your basic Contact Details, including your Medicare

information, your Clinical Summary, which includes your current

health conditions or your Full Records.

MediRecords Patient App
MediRecords Patient App

Get a Second Opinion

Ask your mates for sympathy or a second opinion!

With the MediRecords App there is no more nervous wait time for your results. You can now receive your results instantly. Once received – you can download, email or share them via your social networks.


Now, that’s what we call crowd-sourced sympathy!


Sometimes your Health Provider would prefer to share your results with you in person. Don’t worry, this can still happen. Your Health Provider will decide on a case by case basis whether they share via the app or in person.

Book Appointments On The Fly

And spend less time on hold!

Never waste another minute on hold with the MediRecords App. Book an appointment with an existing or new provider, in a matter of seconds.


You’ll also have visibility of Bulk Billing status, whether a clinic offers After-Hours appointments and which clinics and providers have availability today.

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Book Doctor Appointments from your mobile: MediRecords App
MediRecords Patient App

Digital Prescriptions

Filling your Scripts has never been this easy or eco-friendly!

Eco-friendly, yes we said it. Our aim is to rule out the need for paper, one patient at a time.


With the MediRecords App you can now accept your Prescriptions in a digital format. You’ll receive both your original prescription and a unique QR Code, which is everything your pharmacist needs to accept your script.


We recommend keeping your original script on-hand for your local pharmacist as not all are ready to accept the MediRecords QR Code.

For Those Who Depend On You

Keep an eye on the important people in your life!

Monitor the people you hold near and dear with the MediRecords App. After you’ve been given access from a Health Provider to be the head of your family, you can book appointments, view requests, results and correspondence and contribute and monitor their care across multiple providers.


Just swipe left or right from the dashboard, to find and manage your family members.

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MediRecords Patient App

Frequently Asked Questions

Health Providers
What measures are used to ensure data security?

MediRecords offer an extremely high level of security and encryption that renders all data unreadable – the same level of encryption used by leading banks and government agencies. Through extensive testing, we are confident MediRecords has adequate preventative measures in place to prevent security breaches. The cloud is much safer than having a paper trail – which many practitioners still have – and it’s also more secure than client-server systems for electronic medical records, that are extensively used in practices today.


You can rest assured that all MediRecords data is 100% hosted in Australia as per Australian Data Governance Laws.


While patient data is not stored on the patients’ device, Patients are provided Password, PIN and Touch ID security within the MediRecords App in addition to the usual device level security.

Can doctors review results before a patient sees them?

Yes and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Practitioners have complete control of what information is shared with a patient. By marking an item as confidential automatically stops the item from being shared with the patient via the MediRecords App.


Sometimes sensitive results require a consult. Following a consult, practitioners can remove the confidentiality status and share the results instantly with the patient in a way that is easy to consume by the average patient who does not understand clinical terminology.

Who controls what information a patient sees?

The practitioner has complete control of what the patient sees. With all information that can be shared via the MediRecords App, a practitioner can choose whether it is marked as confidential or if it is shared instantly with the patient.


When any information is shared with a patient, it is provided in a way that is consumable to the average patient who does not understand clinical terminology.


For example: With a pathology result, there are many fields that must be completed but the patient does not need to see every field because some information may cause confusion and it’s not relevant to their needs.


The patient will see the following information:

  1. Status: Normal, Abnormal etc;
  2. Comments: this is where the practitioner can provide layman’s notes or a brief comment for example: Hi Jo, you have nothing to be concerned about. Your results are negative. Please don’t hestitate to make an appointment with me if you want to discuss futher – Dr Nick;
  3. Test type;
  4. Test date;
  5. Pathology Laboratory;
  6. Practitioner who requested test;
  7. Complete result PDF.
Which patients get access to the MediRecords App?

Any patient who has access to a mobile device can gain access to their medical records with the MediRecords App. It is completely free for your practice and your patients.

How can my practice enable the MediRecords App?

Enabling the MediRecords App in your practice is easy and requires no downloads or third party integrations. As a MediRecords practice, you have free access to the MediRecords App and you can start inviting patients to utilise the app straight away.


Follow these steps to Invite a Patient to the MediRecords App from


  1. Open the Patient Record;
  2. Make sure the patient’s Name, Date of Birth and Mobile Phone number are correct;
  3. Set the patient’s Mobile Phone number as the Primary Contact number;
  4. On the right-hand side, click App – Invite;
  5. Click Continue to acknowledge the contact details are correct;
  6. If you are unsure of the contact details, click OK to return to the patient record;
  7. The App Invite button will now say App – Pending;
  8. Click Save to apply the changes.


The patient will be sent an SMS inviting them to download the MediRecords App. The SMS will also include a secure token, unique to each patient.

When a patient has successfully accessed the MediRecords App, the App – Pending button will change to App – Subscribed. This is when you know you can share information with a patient.

What information does the MediRecords display?

The MediRecords App provides patients with an itemised summary of their medical records including past and current medical history, medications, allergies, immunisations, hospitalisations, measurements, investigations, correspondence, preventative health prompts, appointments and a historical log of electronic records shared with health practitioners.


MediRecords does not retrieve GP notes or any records marked confidential. Health practitioners have complete control of what information is displayed to their patients.


Patients can add their own information to the MediRecords App. When a patient shares their records with a practice, all data added by a patient is clearly labelled.

How is a patient’s privacy protected?

MediRecords protects patient privacy with bank level security at multiple levels. Patients are required to provide consent for access and sharing of their information upon acceptance (or registration) on the MediRecords App. Patient consent is obtained through the MediRecords App and does not impose any additional effort on your practice.


Only MediRecords practitioners on the patient’s care team, as agreed by the patient and their GP, can access this data.

Does MediRecords comply with privacy and health records legislation?

MediRecords is required by the federal Privacy Act (1988) to comply with the thirteen Australian Privacy Principles.  We do not collect any sensitive health information from our applications/products.  In the event this information is disclosed to us, we handle the information as per our obligations outlined in the Privacy Act and Privacy Principles.  


Full details of our privacy policy can be found here.

Does MediRecords access patient data for its’ own purposes?

In certain circumstances, MediRecords Support staff may need to access personal patient data stored in MediRecords. Access is strictly controlled and limited to providing technical support where by consent must be given to MediRecords practice staff or when required by law.


De-identified data (that is, data where it is not practically possible to identify the individual) for improving the MediRecords App and other MediRecords products.


For more information, read the MediRecords Privacy Policy.

How much does the MediRecords App cost?

The MediRecords App is completely free for you, your practice and your patients.

Are my medical records safe in the cloud?

Your data is completely safe. With bank-level security, and all data laws met, you can rest assured your health care information is in safe hands. Even though you have access to your health information via your device, it is not stored locally on your device, but in the cloud.


We recommend creating a secure and unique PIN and/or Password, and making the most of your device security by utilising Touch ID. Not only does this mean access to your medical records are secure but also efficient.

I can't see my results, why aren't they in the app?

This could be for a couple of reasons. If your practitioner/s decides that they would prefer to speak to you in person or over the phone about your results, they can mark the results as ‘Confidential’. Confidential means you will not see the results in your app until the practitioner chooses to remove the confidentiality status.


If you have a received an SMS to say your results are ready and that you can find them in your MediRecords App:

  1. Make sure you are logged in as yourself, and that if you are a ‘Head of Family’ member, meaning you have visibility of your family members health records, that you are viewing your profile within the MediRecords App. Head of Family status can only be granted when requested by the applicable parties to your health provider. They will then grant you access to your family members health records via the MediRecords App. Each family member, including yourself can be viewed as different profiles within the app.
  2. Restart your app. Perhaps due to your internet speed/mobile provider, your results have not been received yet.
  3. Call your practitioner and ask them to check that they have shared your results with you. If they have, ask them to repeat the process – they may have marked your results as ‘Confidential’ accidently.
What happens if I forget my password?

Don’t worry, resetting your password is easy. Just select ‘Forgotten Password’. You’ll then be prompted to enter your email address. To verify that we have the right person, we’ll send you a new verification token via SMS. When you’ve successfully entered your verification token you will be able to create a new password.
It didn’t work? Contact our support team at any time on 1300 103 903 or

I forgot my email address, what should I do?

That’s ok, it happens to the best of us. If you were invited to the MediRecords App by a health practitioner, contact them directly and they will be able to tell you which email address is associated to your app.

If you registered for the MediRecords App without an invite from a practitioner, then contact our support team on 1300 103 903 or

Can I access a family member’s medical records?

If you would like visibility of a family members records in your MediRecords App, you will need to ask a practitioner to create you as the Head of Family for your family member/s. This means you will have instant access to your family members records in your MediRecords App. You will be able to view results, make appointments, share their records – basically, everything you can do for yourself, you can do for your family member.


Only one person within each family can have the Head of Family status.


If you would like the Head of Family status removed, just contact your practitioner as this can be reversed very quickly.

My security token isn't working, what do I do?

If you were invited to the MediRecords App by a practitioner, then you will receive an SMS with a 6 digit security token. This token is only valid for 7 days and if left too late, will expire.


If your token has expired, please contact the practitioner who invited you. They will simply resend your invite and you will receive a new security token.

I’ve lost my blood test form, what do I do?

We’re glad you asked! The MediRecords App means you no longer lose important medical information as you always have access to them from your mobile device.


From within the MediRecords App, select ‘Results’ and toggle to ‘Requests’. Now, choose the Pathology request you have misplaced and tap the PDF icon. This will open your original Pathology request. You can now print the PDF from your device options.

I don’t want to share my full medical history, how do I share just my contact details?

The beauty of the MediRecords App is that you can share as little or as much information as you like.


From the MediRecords App dashboard, select ‘Share Records’. From here, you will need to choose from one of the below options:


Contact Details: This is your non-clinical information including your contact details, Medicare and health Insurance information. This is perfect if you have been referred to a new practitioner and you want to save time when you arrive at the clinic by avoiding the new patient form.


Clinical Summary: This includes your allergies, immunisations, current conditions and medications.


Full Records: This is your full medical history including medications, procedures, results and correspondence.


When you have selected a record type, you will be displayed a list of MediRecords clinics who can accept your records. If you booked an appointment using MediRecords you will definitely be able to find your clinic in this list.


Select the clinic/s you wish to share with then tap the share icon in the top right of your screen. You’ll be prompted to confirm this action then you will be displayed a message when your record has successfully been shared.
If you can’t find your clinic in the list, tap the paper airplane icon in the top right of your screen. Doing this will convert your records to PDF and attached to a new email. Just enter the email address of the practitioner you wish to receive your records and hit send.

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